The Empty Cross, Texas

After years of legal battles with its future neighbors, America’s latest giant freeway cross has soared heavenward, along I-10 north of Kerrville, Texas.

The Empty Cross.“The Empty Cross™” differs from previous Christian titans in several respects. It’s the pet project of Kerrville resident Max Greiner Jr., who sees it as the first of many identical crosses that he hopes to erect worldwide. Unlike previous giant crosses, this one is a hollow outline, made of steel, that weighs 70 tons and stands exactly 70 feet 7 inches tall. These numbers are significant to Greiner, who also says that God picked the hilltop location (which he says is halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, resembles the Holy Land, and is on the same latitude as Israel).

The 23 acre Sculpture Prayer Garden is located on IH-10, approximately half way between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; 60 miles northwest of San Antonio’s famous Alamo and River Walk. the top two tourist attractions in the state of Texas.

Residents of a neighboring subdivision were unswayed by these arguments, and fought successfully to have Greiner and his “Coming King Foundation” build a wall between them and the towering tribute.

Greiner plans to surround The Empty Cross™ with a 23-acre cross-shaped garden filled with his Christian sculptures — but first he has must overcome another obstacle. A proposed high voltage transmission tower will reportedly occupy the same hillside and dwarf the cross!

Greiner has vowed to fight it, saying that power lines would block the view. We’d be more concerned about the proximity of high voltage wires to a 70 ton piece of steel — but we’ve learned that builders of giant devotionals sometimes don’t think about calamitous consequences until it’s too late.

A powerful light positioned at the top of the cross, points down and floods people who enter the cross at night. It was first activated on 7/28/10 the day after the cross was raised.

A Christian cross made of steel – it sits on a hilltop overlooking I-10 and Kerrville.  The spot is no coincidence as this particular place was marked as the halfway point between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and is at the same latitiude as Isreal.  It weighs 70 tons and is exactly 70’7″ tall.  Mind you, I’ve heard of stories that the neighbors within the vicinity of the cross weren’t too happy though.  Something about the power lines and what have you.  The area has a great view and when I came here late last year, they (The Coming King Foundation) were still in the middle of situating the garden that is to be placed in the area with the cross.

When (and if) you come to the cross, there is a wall that seperates the the cross from the rest of the property around it – at the time I went, my partner in crime and I managed to go around it (the wall).  I believe they may set up certain times and days that acess to the cross will be available; however, I’m not sure as to when that information will be announced.

There is no exact address – just Benson Drive.  If you get confused, just keep driving to the top.


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