Gigantic statue of Lord Shiva on the Bangalore Airport Road, India

The Shiva Statue is one of the most visited holy shrines in Bangalore. Situated on Airport Road the Shiva Statue is a huge temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Constructed by the Melwanis, owners of the Kemp Fort this temple is located just behind the departmental store. This Shiva Statue in Bangalore is the largest statue of Lord Shiva in the entire world.

The unique feature of this Shiva temple is the 65 ft tall Shiva statue with a background of cement carved hills. Lord Shiva is seated in Lotus position and river Ganga is flowing from his hair locks.

Bangalore is full of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The unique feature about the Shiva Statue temple in Bangalore is a statue of Lord Shiva that is 65 feet tall. Since Lord Shiva is believed to be the destroyer of evil most of the people in the city are devout followers of this deity. The statue portrays Lord Shiva seated in a white color lotus in a yoga posture. The image is depicted as having four hands; two in front and two at the back. The two hands in front are positioned on His lap while the other two at the back are holding a ‘damaru’ and a ‘trishul’ or trident each.

The most amazing feature about this temple in Bangalore is however its captivating backdrop. Situated amidst the enthralling hills of Mount Kailash this entire sight is no less than a dream. Mount Kailash believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva just makes up for a beautiful backdrop. Things don’t just end there you can also see the sight of a beautiful body of water flowing through the curly locks of Lord Shiva which is basically a representation of the Holy Ganga.

The water flows and collects into a little pond which is placed right in front of the statue of the deity. This pond is known as the wishing pond. It is said that people travel from remote corners of the world just in order to make a wish and throw a coin into this holy pond.
If you really want to witness the glory of this sacred temple then you should visit the temple after sun set. This is the time when the entire temple is lighted with bright lights and the entire sight is nothing less than heavenly. (placeforholiday)

Gigantic Lord Shiva statue on the Bangalore Airport Road .
A visit to these shrines is a  proof enough that certain traditions and values remain timeless in a fast-changing world,65 ft. high depiction of Lord Shiva seated in Lotus position. Backdrop of Mount Kailash with Ganga flowing from matted rocks. The Shiva statue looks majestic during the night with its lighting.

Bangalore-The Garden City , India

Bangalore, India is considered in one of the very beautiful and hi-tech city of the India. Bangalore (India)  is the capital city of Karnataka.

In the hot Bangalore news: recently former Chief Minister of Bangalore announced that the name of the Bangalore will be reverted to “Bengalooru”. Bangalore is the India’s third most populous and largest city and Bangalore (India) is also the 27th largest city in the world and this Bangalore city India is situated in the south-eastern part of Karnataka. Bangalore in India is also considered in among one of the most happening city of India. In Bangalore (India) you can easily find all the hi tech trends and developed societies.

The Information Technology sector is booming in the city, India. And the Sotware Industry is growing very rapidly in the city in India.

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